Charges for the bike rental system

Thanks to the combination of an easy and flexible rental process and the marketing of advertising space, we are able to offer very attractive prices.

30 minutesAED 15
1 hourAED 20
2 hoursAED 25
3 hoursAED 30
4 hoursAED 35
5 hoursAED 40
24 hoursAED 80

* Please notice that after renting more than 24 hours, we will charge you for the whole next day.

Service fees

Initial creditsAED 1
Not locking the bike at the stationAED 15
Returning the bike at unofficial station or non clearly visibleAED 60 + each 10/km
Losing the bikeAED1500


The rental amount is deducted from your account 24h after your last trip or when the amount is higher than approximately two 24h rentals.

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